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Finding hoop dance has been one of the most pivotal turns of my life.

If it's new to you I highly recommend getting hooked.

When I started ten years ago, there wasn't much of a community for it. In fact you could watch literally EVERY YouTube video out there in under an hour. It's a gift I caught that early wave. Since then I've been able to watch the world of hoop dance expand and evolve, fracture and explode; I've seen through "eras" in my own developments and the community's at large; and can say by now that I've traveled through well over a hundred cities and 14 countries teaching my persoanal style of hoop dance to some of the warmest and most beautiful people on the planet.


I consider the hoop a brilliant dance teacher that naturally informs our movement quality for the better and brings out our inner super-hero. My classes focus on excercises in listening, exchange, release and transitional imagery; all of which encourage a long-lasting partnership with the hoop that becomes an endless lesson in organic movement and dynamic expression.

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope I get to hoop with you.


video still a sunlit


Every Fall



Since picking up hooping I've gone through several eras. 


Some were to solve a problem: The question of transitioning between planes, for example, led to a framework and methodology that has defined and guided my style ever since.


Some were to advance the art: Floor Hooping was a way to address the effect of the hoop on our movement while aproaching and moving on the ground. 


Some were collaborative art projects: ARTheism was a live, improvised digital performance project


And some were to develop communication: Illustrating hoop movements in gestural shorthand I've called "Hoop Notation;" the goal being to develop a language that felt the same to write as it did to dance. 

See more below on under Works


Edited Image 2014-2-23-2:23:36

Transitional Wave Theory            and the Figure 8

Edited Image 2014-10-14-0:15:5


shawna barrel.jpg

Ergonomic Barrel Rolls

Wooden Floor Shot_edited_edited.png

Floor Hooping

Hoop Notation

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Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 3.42.11 PM.png



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