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Hoop Hideaway

April 25 - May 1, 2022


is hands-down thee premier dance retreat center in the country. If Martha Graham woke up and decided she

wanted to go teach a class in the US, this is where she would go.

…I’m actually serious. It’s the place. 

-The studio 

is perfect: Spacious, gorgeously well lit,

best floor ever AND… in the shape of a giant

circle. Go figure. 

- Meals

are all hearty and cooked on site by staff: All organic, mostly vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free. All are cooked served and enjoyed in a beautiful, rustic kitchen that will make your mother jealous. 


arrangements are super cozy: bedding is provided, as are beds and plenty of hang-out space, plus washer/dryer, fridge and any other amenities (in addition to the ‘real’ kitchen we eat at). 


-Sauna and hot tub included. 

… Figured I’d just go ahead and pay everyone’s bill for those ahead of time. 


-Knee pads

… why not?

$960 Ticket 

$300 deposit and then I'll set you up with a payment plan accommodated to whatever schedule you like! 

* The deposit is non-refundable within 3 months of the event. Full ticket is transferrable but not refundable within one month of the event. And i will help you to sell it off! 

Contact to be placed on Waiting List. 

Also see Tadah Retreat!


plus what to bring/expect


Hoop Hideaway Pajama Party:  

April 22rd - April 28th, 2019

Alright hoopers, we're gonna do this right. 

      During the week of our stay we'll be doing nothing but hoopin', laughin', relaxin', and eatin' some really great food


-  20+ hours of hoop instruction

-  Unlimited jam time in the Umbrella Studio

-  Healthy, delicious meals prepared 3 times daily

   all organic, vegetarian, plus gluten free and vegan options ... and snacks. 'course. 

-  Sauna and hot tub use all week

-  A lodge to stay in together-complete with all pajama party necessities: 

popcorn, movies, blankets and any other additions you can think of. ouija boards and nail polish welcome. 

-  Gorgeous natural environment. Man, them trees.

-  A going out night. I'm thinking roller skating.  


Full schcedule coming soon! 

CONTACT to be placed at the top of the reservation list

Address: 252 Prospect Street, Plainfield, Massachusetts 


Also reachable at:

Well I do hope to see you there. 

     More details about the retreat avialable upon request and on the attendees page on facebook.

     More on Earthdance at 

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