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SEPTEMBER 19th - 26th, 2019

      Welcome to the TADAH experience. It is a good one. Filled with hooping, relaxing and adventuring, our week at Tadah will be spent in a beautiful, lush location, on a home-grown organic farm, surrounded by art and nature. The studio is the best I've ever seen and the food some of the best I've eaten.

 - 20 hours of hoop workshops

- Stunning local excursions,

- Incredible food, (veg., vegan, glt-free otions)

- Beautiful accommodations, and

- 24hr access to a gorgeous training space

- 11 spaces are available each week 

Reserve your spot now!

$300 Deposit USD > 


if paying in Euros or Pounds, please contact. :)

I'll help to make it work out! 

8 payments of $125 

via Paypal   >

Additional payment options include...

Go for it! 

One $950 payment. Done.  

also via Paypal 


Go for it! 

One 895€ payment:

send all via paypal to

or contact for bank transfer info.

     More details about the retreat avialable upon request and on the attendees page on facebook. 

     More on Tadah at 

See you there!  


     The first retreat I did there in April was arranged by Emma Kenna. She taught one week and I taught the second. Otherwise I would never have found this truly magical getaway.

We went to the beach, planted a tree, went hiking to an abandoned castle, explored ancient ruins, ate gourmet food every day, made our own pizza, had an LED/fire night and HOOPED a LOT. It was perfect.

     This year is going to be just as good.Treat yourself to this rare opportunity. It's an experience you'll never forget. 


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