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Catching Waves 

aka:  "Transitional Space and the Wave Current" ...


        So before I turned into a psycho-nerd, a lot of my hooping was inspired by an imagined landscape of colorful textures that surrounding me. An oil painter at the time, I responded to the imagery as I saw it underlying the music I heard, often throwing myself into it and using my hoop as a craft-like vehicle to surf through it. 

I looked incredibly high. It's okay, though.


Transitioning between planes is sometimes a matter of willingness to let it happen, physically and mentally:

On a physical level, the hoop is inevitably going to fall if you stop applying force to it. That's science. Yay. So in small doses, a loose handling allows for it to develop it's own path in finding a resting point. And with that mentality we can just enjoy it. 

      Being comfortable hooping minus a "move" is where new movement emerges (even if in glimmers, when we lose it and find the recovery). There are pockets and pathways and ramps that become the tools for navigation, rather than the map to where you are.  There's a softening into that experience and even into the space itself. And it can be paired with and carried into our dynamic movements as well, giving new wind to the moves we love. 


For the sake of context and functionality, the class does contains a grid-like framework to be built from.

   But in an ideal world (aka, my f*cking website, bitches), this is a class about "catching waves": Engaging the space with our hoops; listening to nuances in balance and subtle hints in momentum; forming ramps and seeing them through. It's a personal fav. I think you'll like it. :) 

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