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     Brecken Rivara is a contemporary hoop dance teacher, artist and pioneer based in the US whose work is said to have kicked off the second wave of modern hoop dance. Known for her ragdoll fluidity, seamless transitions, warp-speed spinning, and more recent developments in "transitional space," “floor hooping” and "hoop notation," Brecken has been a teacher and influence to thousands of  hoopers world-wide and is considered to be one

of the most prominent contributors to the form.


     I think the hoop is about the best movement teacher you could possibly imagine. I picked it up for exercise and it  pulled

me into its vortex- like a wind with a built-in vehicle. It works like training wheels, almost: informing an inner spiral and curve; 

developing that signature quality of both power and softness that hoopers acquire.  

Simultaneously, the hoop can be a portal for both escape and awareness. It provides the space in which our most expressive self will learn to come out, like a movement vehicle safety net that helps us find our superhero while sneakily guiding our bodies to how they were built to move.

        Brecken has taught in several locations across North and Central  America, Europe, Australia and Asia; that include over 70 places in the US alone. She has received wide recognition for her evolving career and has been awarded 

by, via international poll, more awards than

allow her ever again to receive one. 


Drunken Master Style 

Transitional Wave Theory

Ergonomic Barrel Rolls 

Floor Hooping

Hoop Notation


2009 - First American female invited to the National French Juggling Convention

2010 - Hooper of the Year, international poll by

2011 - Solo Video of the Year, international poll by

2010 - “Etereas,” digital animation demonstration produced w La Flaminguettes, Mexico City. 

            * Best of Reddit; Vimeo Staff Pick; Best of #ArtSetFree of ArtsBrookfield, NY, PEARL                                and Pool-festival, Berlin.

2012 - Performance of the Year, international poll by

2014 - Video of the Year, international poll by

2015 - Hooper Hall of Fame, international poll by (officially retired from being allowed to win any more awards) 

Media Appearances

2008 – “Hoop Moves” – Instructional DVD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2009 – “Hoop Technique” – Instructional DVD, Oakland, California  

2010 – “Waves” tutorial series- sponsored by Sandra "SaFire" Sommerville and Hoop City   

2011 - Mixed media live performance collaboration with ARTheism at Peñasco Theatre in                                 Peñasco, New Mexico

2012 – Sensory collaboration with ARTheism performed at Texas State University with                                       Dixon's Violin, Richard Hall and Michael Garfield


2011 - Two-month hoop immersion series taught at La Fabrica Circus Center in Mexico City

2012 - Week-long "Lock-In" intensive at Dogtown Dance Theater in  Richmond, VA

2015>2019  TADAH Week-long Retreat, Turkey – teacher and organizer

2017>2019  Hoop Hideaway, Week-long Retreat – teacher and organizer

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