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Pay by Paypal or credit card. 

Each method has 3 payment options.


Early Bird 1: $850 in 1 payment. Done. 

Early Bird 2: Two payments of $425 (2-month intervals)

Ninja Turtle Plan: 8 payments of $120 (1-month intervals) 

Total cost: $960 
Early Bird: $850


Here are your payment options...

$300 deposit 

Make Deposit via Paypal

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Paypal Plans:


Go for it! 

One $850 payment. Done.  

also via Paypal 

With this plan you'll save $50 and a lot of time thinking about the other payments. 


Plus you'll have all the more time to spend hooping and gathering pajamas 


Early Bird #2

Two payments of $425 via Paypal


8 payments of $125 

via Paypal 

Not bad. 

Ignore that it says "subscribe." I promise that it works :) 

This plan bills you $125 once a month for 8 months, totaling $1000

Card Payment: 

Plans deduct automatically:
 - once every 2 months for "Early Bird 2" plan
- once per month for 8-month plan 
(same day of month as day purchased)

Card plan under temporary construction

Write to:

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