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       This 40 minute tutorial is a collection of my very favorite hoop movemnts -moves that promote a lasting connection with the hoop with and encourage listening to the nuances; tools that enable the hoop to be the great dance teacher it is. Suitable for experts and beginners alike. 

Techniques include

- Transitional mapping: waves and coins

- Barrel rolls

- Spinning comfortably and dynamically

- Expressive isolations

- Combinations

"Brecken Waves Class"  on Hoop City


      "A couple moves I'd kind of attempted before suddenly "clicked" for me after watching Brecken explain the moves." 

"Focusing on the body's response and relationship to the hoop has really changed the way I approach everything I do with the hoop. I almost feel like I had been fighting the hoop at times, and now I'm consciously learning how to pay attention to the way it wants to move and fall." - Vic

"I suggest taking it. She has a lot of insight and really helps to show you how to let your movements be an extension of yourself!" -Nicole Colindres 

"This class exceeds all my expectations.  

Brecken has a really great energy about her and teaches a lot about how to interact with the hoop, when to just let it pull you." 



"I really love teachers that can show you the joy and beauty of hoop dance and lead you to your own movements... I would definitely recommend to anyone." -Lady Solstice 

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