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~ Setting goals



~ Working through blocks and Finding your artist.


~ Exchanging videos


~ Personalized videos, assignments and advice 



Online Coaching is an artistic mentorship where one is encouraged to find her (or his) personal aesthetic and explore that with intention.. 








  Floor Work



  Foot Work



















You  will  Get 


         - Five lessons, 1-1.5 hours each (preferred) 

         - 10-15 minute video recaps for each lesson (filmed afterward 

         - Assignments (optional)

         - Personal advice and suggested research for your style. 

        If you want to learn moves, I got moves. That's a given with each lesson. "Coaching" is not to say that I don't want to share new movements. But know that I'm also ready to be a flexible resource and personalize out meet-ups to your interests. Whether your goals are to teach, practice, perform, make art, or just to get some input on how to develop your style, I am excited to be part of your personal journey.  

Things to Note

-This is about YOUR hooping:


-Skyping, we can start with a single movement

You pick it, I pick it. It can be something you saw on youtube or something you love to do.


-And from there we develop a path: I place together sequences to include the movements and transitions i think you'd appreciate. You keep telling me what you like. As I get a sense of your interests and tendencies, we can work together to really bring out your style.


- I have some areas of expertise, typically involving spinning, transitions and hooping floor work. However, I do also have a very thorough understanding of most areas of hoop movement, such as: lifts, breaks, on-body, isolations and footwork; and I'm excited to delve, full on, into anything.


-We start with a phone call-just to get to know each other and get a sense of where we're at. You just say when.


1 hour lesson: 

$65 for one

5 for $285


1.5 hour lesson, 

$80 for one

5 for $360

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