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         Teaching is very close to my heart. It's the preffered method by which I've been able to share my work with the world and remain connected to the cusp of the ever growing hoop community. Over the years, my focus has developed from: "waves" transitional theory, to hoop dance spinning mechanics, to the newer "floor hooping" -and some bits and bobs you didn't even know about ;) 


          Below are links to the descriptions of some of the classes I've been teaching over the years. Click on any to get a better sense of what to expect. 


Catching Waves 

A class about embracing the space between the moves we know and finding new pathways that emerge with our willingness to listen to the nuance of the hoop. 

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Barrel Rolls 

Spinning gracefully on the vertical plane by waiting to be pulled by the hoop and maintaining spinal integrity amidst that exchange. This is a great class for finding a sense effortlessness amidst dynamism on the vertical plane and promoting a stronger alternation of leadership between the hoop and its dancer. 

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Floor Hooping 

So this is my more recent baby here. This hooping class is based on safe, spiraling dance movements that use the hoop’s momentum to create a dynamic exchange. The hoop is still a great teacher, even while on the floor. 

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Savvy Shoulders 

Asymmetry has been a major component of my style since I first started hooping. It's influenced my on-body hooping to the core ;) And shoulder transfers were the very FIRST area of expertise I developed. Now it has all the more context... 

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